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Our products — Enamel strengthening

Promotes enamel strengthening and protects against plaque
Bio-active mouthwash-suspension
Promotes enamel strengthening and protects against plaque
Contributes to enamel remineralization
Hydroxyapatite enriched with magnesium and zinc, calcium lactate
Reduces the formation of plaque
The LUCTATOL™ system
Gently whitens the enamel
Innovative system BIO Sp.White Mouthwash
Enamel strengthening and remineralization
Complete care natural toothpaste
Enamel strengthening and remineralization
Helps to soothe the gums, cleans your teeth gently
Extracts of plantain and birch leaf
Strengthens and restores tooth enamel and reduces ...
Calcium Hydroxyapatite and L-Arginine
Promotes healthy gums
Algae extracts (Laminaria, Fucus, Spirulina) and Pink Clay
Bio-active toothpaste
Remineralization effect 1,65 times
Innovative Bio Sp.White System®
Sensitivity Relief effect 1,7 times
Natural enzymes
Freshens breath
Natural calcium, essential oils and 9 natural active ingredients
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