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Fresh breath

SPECIALLY for magnificently fresh breath
Refreshing gel toothpaste
SPECIALLY for magnificently fresh breath
Refreshes breath
Silver in active form, zinc gluconate, perilla extract and peppermint oil
Promotes healthy gums
Ratany extract and active component bisabolol
Gently whitens the enamel
Polydon, hydroxyapatite, enriched by minerals of magnesium, calcium and ...
Fresh breath from the first use
Complete care natural toothpaste
Fresh breath from the first use
Provides fresh breath. Promotes refreshing effect
Natural essential oils of grapefruit, mandarin, lemon and mint, which ...
Cleans the enamel from dental plaque. Helps to strengthen ...
Pineapple extract, which contains Bromelain. Glycerophosphate and ...
Promotes healthy gums, helps to protect against tooth decay ...
Extracts of plantain, birch leaf and juniper
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