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Enamel deep recovery system. Decrease in sensitivity after the 1st application
Thanks to the revolutionary, patented innovations, INNOVA helps to eliminates the causes of increased sensitivity, rather than just helping to ease the symptoms.

INNOVA is effective for various causes of sensitive teeth.


Clinically proven efficacy. As part of the INNOVA funds innovative system enzymatic clarification enamel - WhiTanine®. Multi- active action: mHAP at a therapeutic dosage of 2.25% - strengthening and deep restoration of enamel tissue, natural enzyme Tannaz - safe dissolution of pigmented plaque, red grape seed extract - directional effect on cariogenic bacteria, stevia extract Gum health care.

Advantages of series products

  1. Enamel brightening and restoration
  2. Hyperesthesia prevention
  3. Complex approach
  4. The "all-ages" anti-hyperesthesia solution


  1. Efficiency & Innovation
  2. Idea
  3. Quality
  4. Result
  5. Environmentally friendly and safe

Our consumers

Men or women 30+ years, choose toothpastes with a directional solution to the problem of sensitive teeth. Often seek advice on the proper care of sensitive teeth from the dentist (enamel remineralization, fluoridation).

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